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Walnut is an elegant, warm and distinguishable wood that makes for a magnificent looking floor. Its dark tones create a warm ambience in any room and blend nicely in both rustic and formal settings.

Habitat: North America. Primarily from the southern part of Ontario, Canada through to the central regions of United States.

Janka Hardness Rating: 1010

The Tree: Walnut trees are deciduous trees and range in height from 70 to 150 ft. and 2 to 4 ft. in diameter. This tree is prized for its beautiful wood and tasty nuts.

The Wood: There is a wide variation of color, figure and grade within the species. The grain of walnut is mostly straight and open, however some grain patterns can appear wavy or curly with mottled figures. Walnut wood flooring is hard to beat for natural beauty.

Uses: Walnut is used to make decorative furniture, stringed musical instruments, gun stocks, and of course, luxurious wooden floors.