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Pecan ranges in color from pale brown to a dark, reddish-brown. The wood has a straight, sometimes irregular grain. Some flooring manufacturers combine pecan wood and hickory wood in their manufacturing, to make for nice color variations and a very durable floor.

Habitat: North America.

Janka Hardness Rating: 1820

The Tree: The pecan can soar to 100 to 120 feet, a large deciduous tree with an upright, vase-shaped crown. The trunk diameter can reach 3 to 4 feet. It tends to have a relatively short, bare trunk before its many forked branches appear.

The Wood: Pecan wood is a close-grained hard wood. The coloring of pecan flooring ranges from a pale brown to a dark, reddish-brown with irregular dark streaks.

Uses: Pecan wood is used for purposes other than flooring too. Pecan wood is used for furniture, tool handles, skis, gymnastic bars, flooring material for gymnasiums and roller skating rinks, piano construction, and ladder rungs.