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Santos Mahogany has gorgeous reddish-brown tones and is exceptionally hard. The wood has interlocked grain, which gives it a strong ribbon-like pattern. This popular flooring is ideal for both residential and commercial applications where the stunning rich classic look of mahogany is desired.

Habitat: Southern Mexico, Central America, Peru, and Argentina.

Janka Hardness Rating: 2200

The Tree: The trees are usually short, 50 to 65 ft. tall, and moderate in diameter, 18 to 36 inches. The typical log produces a large amount of knot-free lumber.

The Wood: Santos Mahogany is a rich reddish brown color, exceptionally fine grained and extremely stable. It is known for its strength and beauty, and outstanding durability. Although this wood isn't related to Honduran or African mahogany, it's a rich, dark mahogany-colored wood and is actually a bit harder than Honduran mahogany making it ideal for flooring use.

Uses: Mahogany is typically found in wood flooring, interior trim, furniture, and is even used as an ingredient in some perfumes.