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Offers a variegated, grainy appearance in shades of blond to medium brown. This hardwood is strikingly unique and distinctive - it's unparalleled density and resilient surface is perfect for high traffic areas. This is an exceptional floor.

Habitat: China, Indonchina, Eastern N. America - Quebec to Ontario, south to Florida, Kansas and Texas.

Janka Hardness Rating: 1820

The Tree: The hickory tree produces large, sweet-tasting, edible nuts. It is also commercially cultivated for its light-colored wood.

The Wood: Hickory heartwood features a fine dramatic grain pattern and color that varies sharply from white to reddish brown - almost "calico". Its distinguishable light coloring will usually amber over time.

Uses: Because of its hardness and durability, Hickory is typically used to make furniture, tool handles and sports equipment, but hardwood Hickory has become an excellent choice for a strong, beautiful floor for your home that is as appropriate in a contemporary high-rise loft as it is in a log home in the country.

Hickory Gallery: Wood flooring photos from the homes of satisfied customers!