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Yellow Birch

Birch flooring is a dense wood that provides a tough, hardwearing floor surface. Its unique swirling color tones and characteristics make it a great choice for almost any room setting. From contemporary and formal, to country and casual, it attracts attention.

Habitat: Its native range spans from eastern Canada and the Great Lake states to extreme NE Georgia. Southern yellow birch grows at higher elevations.

Janka Hardness Rating: 1260

The Tree: The average tree grows 60 to 70 ft. tall, with a trunk diameter up to 31 in. Yellow Birch trees are decidious. They can easily be identified by their yellowish bark which is paper thin and continually peeling off its trunk as the tree continues to expand and grow. Deer and moose can be found grazing on its mildly aromatic bark and foilage, as well as other wildlife that feed on buds and seeds.

The Wood: The sapwood of birch varies from pale white to creamy yellow. The heartwood is darker and ranges from dark brown to reddish. It's grain is fairly uniform and straight, with subtle curls and waves.

Uses: Birch is used for flooring, kitchen cabinetry, drumsticks, toys and accessories. Even its bark extract is used in soap and shampoo.