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Australian Cypress

Australian Cypress hardwood flooring is a unique wood that has a rustic look similar to pine, but a hardness rating that exceeds that of oak. Its strength and durability make it a preferred wood for framing and foundation work. Given the natural beauty of Australian Cypress, with its warm, dark honey color and knotty character, it is a perfect choice for a rustic type look in hardwood flooring. The Australian Cypress wood has an aromatic camphor-like scent and is Australia's traditional building material; suitable for every temperature and climate.

Habitat: Queensland and New South Wales, Australia.

Janka Hardness Rating: 1375

The Tree: Australian Cypress is a unique Australian timber with a color and character unlike all others. Though it is a small to medium sized softwood tree, that typically grows 50 ft. in height and 10/14 in. diameter, the Australian Cypress actually exceeds the hardness of American Oak. It is also the only commercially milled hardwood species that is naturally termite resistant.

The Wood: Australian Cypress has a high degree of color variability. The sapwood can be cream or straw-colored, while the heartwood ranges from honey-gold to brown. The heartwood has a closed tight grain with numerous knots, which are very characteristic of this species. Australian Cypress may undergo some slight ambering or muting of color tones. It has a fine, lustrous texture with a typically straight grain. Over time, you can expect minor cracking - the finish above the knots may separate and peel slightly. These are not defects but simply part of the Australian Cypress character.

Uses: This is a durable softwood timber often seen as flooring, decking and weatherboards in old houses, furniture components, posts and small poles.

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