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Above & Beyond Flooring is dedicated to providing quality service and craftsmanship. We service clients throughout the greater Denver Metro area and Colorado's High Country. We specialize in all aspects of hardwood flooring, and offer a full range of services that include: domestic and exotic wood installation, board replacement, sand and finish, recoats, and custom design such as borders, inlays, trim work and staircase makeovers.

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Start to Finish Services

We provide a complete start to finish installation, beginning with the coordinating of delivery and installation of your product.

  • Free In-home Estimates
  • Delivery
  • Site Preparation
  • Installation Methods
    • Nail/Staple Down
    • Floating
    • Glue Down
  • Hardwood Refinishing
    • Recoat
    • Sand and Finish
    • Sanding and Prep
    • Stain and Finish
  • Hardwood Repair
    • Burn In Repair
    • Board Replacement
    • Fillet Repairs
    • Injector Repairs

    Free In-home Estimates: Front Range and Metro Denver

    We know you have a busy schedule, that is one reason why we are willing to meet with you inside your home, at your convenience. We will accommodate to your schedule. It is not uncommon to meet with our customers in the evening or on weekends. We can bring samples of specific woods if you have an idea of what you are looking for, or after our initial in-home consultation, we can meet at one of our many vendor showrooms in the Denver Metro area to determine the type of hardwood floor product that is best for your home project. It is important for you to know that this in-home estimate is done by the actual installer, not a third party estimator or sales associate. By having the actual installer meet with you and see the location, there should not be any surprises or promises made that cannot be achieved. Your estimate will be completely itemized line by line so you will know exactly what you are paying for. And because we do not have the over-head of a retail location, we are very price competitive. In some cases, our customers have already purchased their wood and just need it installed. Whatever your situation, we are happy to meet with you and show you our "above & beyond-like" way of doing business, one customer at a time.

    Below are some overviews of the various services we provide. They are brief because each installation is as different and diverse as the natural beauty of the wood we use. Please contact us if you have any questions about the services we offer.

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    There are companies that advertise next day installation, but that is very misleading. As you may already know, your wood has to acclimate to its new environment. With our dry climate here in Colorado, a week after delivery is normally enough time. The wood needs to be inside, where it can take on the temperature and humidity properties of your home. If necessary, we will arrange to be there to meet the delivery driver and help you find an acceptable location inside your home and minimize any inconvenience during this time.

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    Site Preparation

    Our services include everything necessary to minimize your inconvenience during the process and insure a proper installation. We can move most large items to clear out the installation area; however any gas and waterlines must be disconnected by you or a qualified person. We carefully remove the existing base boards for later reinstallation. (We also install new base boards.) We tear out existing carpet, vinyl, tile, wood as needed to expose the subfloor. If any existing damage or other unforeseen issues are exposed with the sub floor, they will be addressed and repaired before moving forward. Careful floor prep and inspection is crucial to ensuring a trouble free installation. The subfloor needs to be structurally sound, moisture free, flat, level, and free of debris before installation can begin.

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    Installation Methods

    Nail /Staple Down:

    The procedure is the same whether we nail or staple. We use 2” flooring staples to secure the strips or planks to the subfloor. We start by laying down a vapor barrier over the prepared sub floor. Normally roofing felt is used, it’s relatively inexpensive, widely available and the most common product utilized for this purpose. Based on the layout of the installation area, we determine the starting point and begin laying out the wood (referred to as “racking”). Note: For proper installation, the wood should be installed across the floor joist.  The end boards of each row are cut to length leaving the recommend expansion gap at both ends. To minimize waste, we use the cut off end as starter boards for subsequent rows whenever possible.  Boards close to the wall and obstruction may need to be top nailed if the flooring stapler will not clear the obstructions. This method is used for both pre-finished and unfinished solid hardwood.


    The floating installation method is used exclusively for engineered floors.  This method is challenging, especially when there are numerous obstructions, but the end product is an extremely stable and durable floor.  Although many of the engineered products available today have some sort of locking mechanisms, some others may require glue, but only to attach together, not to the actual sub floor. You literally have one massive board floating over your entire subfloor. In all cases we use the manufacturer’s recommended vapor barriers under all our floating floor installs. Most of these barriers include sound reducing qualities and an additional advantage of a “cushioned” feel when walking across the finished product. Those properties of the premium underlayment are the primary advantages of floating floors. Engineered floors are most commonly installed over concrete and radiant heat floors.  We are factory certified in repair and installation of Kahrs engineered floors (a leader in the development and manufacturing of engineered wood flooring).

    Glue Down:

    This method is becoming increasing popular as adhesive technology advances.  Glue down floors are installed by trowel spreading the adhesive over the subfloor. Because of the nature of the product, small sections are marked, cut, and laid successively to complete the project. This method is more commonly used for engineered floors, but advances have made it possible to glue down solid hardwood on concrete when nailing is not an option (above grade level only). Additionally, glue down floors tend to be quieter if noise is a concern.

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    Hardwood Refinishing


    Our installers have been factory trained by Bona Kemi, a leader in the flooring industry, on how to properly recoat your existing floor using their patented Bona Prep and Recoat system. This system can restore your floor to a fresh finish before it becomes necessary to completely sand and refinish it, and can be used on both site finished and pre-finished floors saving you significant time and money. The process removes mild discoloration, and minor dents or scratches the have penetrated the finish. As is always the case, it is important that we inspect the floor prior to the process to ensure its success. Contaminates, wear through, and damage may lead to the necessity to completely sand and refinish, but with our free, no obligation in-home estimate, it’s definitely worth a call!

    Sand and Finish:

    With both on the job and factory training, our installers have the experience to successfully sand and finish your hardwood floor. Whether it is a newly installed floor or refinishing an existing floor you can be confident that we will achieve a professional finished product.

    Sanding and Prep: (brief overview)

    Each step in our process compliments the prior step to ensure your satisfaction. The process begins with multiple passes with our dust containment sander using successively lower grits to achieve the smoothest foundation for a beautiful final finish. The initial cut gets the floor flat and/or removes old finish and stain. Subsequent cuts remove scratches from the initial cut. We vacuum between each phase to keep the floor as clean as possible as we go. Specialized sanders deal with all the floor edges. Hand sanding and scraping is done as needed to ensure we do not miss anything. Before the final pass with the lowest grit, we inspect and fill any cracks, gouges and holes. In some cases the entire floor may be trowel filled to ensure the smoothest possible final finish. Then final sanding passes are made with our DCS (Dust Containment System) vacuum and buffer. Once the floor is smooth it is meticulously cleaned. We vacuum the entire surface, followed by a final pass with our Tampico brush to further clean out the grain of the wood and finally tacked clean by hand. Upon passing our final inspection, the stain and finish process can begin.

    Stain and Finish: (brief overview)

    If you wish to change the color of your floor, we offer a wide array of stains.  We use an “oil-modified” fast dry stain and sealer from Bona. It is available in fourteen different colors, including natural. It will stain and seal the wood at the same time and dries in 2 – 6 hours. During this stage of the process, you may want to take in a matinee, visit a friend or relative, or work late at the office. Although we have found this product to be the lowest odor and low VOCs of the numerous stains available today, we do not want you to endure this stage with us. Afterall, that is probably one of the reasons you hired us in the first place. With the fast drying properties, your inconvenience will be held at a minimum and we can move forward with the light buffing and additional coats of finish, normally 2 – 3 coats. We use the Bona Waterborne finish to create an exceptionally durable hardwood floor.

    Although it takes a full week for your floor to cure, you can actually walk on it after 24 hours. But you should keep floor traffic to a minimum. Wait a full week to replace any area rugs and avoid sliding any large pieces of furniture for the first week. If furniture needs to be put back, it should be gently set in place. We recommend using self adhering felt pads on all your furniture when possible. These pads are available in multiple shapes and sizes. If you have pets, you should also avoid and/or limit your pets' access to your new floor during that same period.

    A quick note: we use the Bona product from start to finish unless you request a different finish. Why? This leaves no room for weak links in the chain as we build the layers for the finished product. With no harmful fumes and low VOCs, Bona product, including the Waterborne finishes are healthier for you and the environment, and there is no need to vacate the jobsite during the final phases of finishing. Fast dry times (1-3 hours) and cure times (80-90% in 3 days) of the Bona Waterborne products, means you can get "back to normal", quicker. Additionally, the technology behind Bona's Swedish waterborne finishes provides you with the most durable polyurethane finishes of any kind - waterborne or oil-modified. Your new finish will not amber or change color over time, highlighting the true beauty and elegance of your new wood floor.

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    Hardwood Repair

    Burn In Repair:

    This technique is used to fill in smaller damaged areas such as nicks, dents, gouges, splits and deep scratches. It requires an artist eye and touch to match both color and grain pattern using different colored burn in sticks. The damaged area is cleaned with a special solution to remove any contaminates. Then using heat to melt the stick that most closely matches the wood color the area is filled in and leveled. Then, specialized marking pens are used to closely replicate the grain pattern of the surrounding wood. Finally, a light coat of matching finish is applied and the repair is completed.

    Board Replacement:

    This repair is exactly what you expect. We use a matching board cut to size to replace the damaged board. The damaged board is cut and chiseled out of the floor, taking special care not to damage the surrounding boards. The new board is cut to size, modified to fit in place and glue in. When replacing prefinished, it is very beneficial to have boards left over from the initial installation, if not, matching can be an issue. Site finished boards are easier to match, but more time-consuming.

    Fillet Replacement:

    Fillet replacements are exclusively for engineered floors. Similar to board replacement, but only the damaged top layer fillet of the engineered planks is removed and replaced.

    Injector Repairs:

    This method of repair is used to eliminate hollow spots, void and loose boards by drilling 16 to 18 gauge holes in the actual board and injecting a special adhesive to fill in the problem area. The hole is thin filled to match the wood color.
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