What's Your Style?

Whatever your decor style, we can help you achieve the look you want. Beyond the vast range of domestic and exotic hardwoods available today, you also have wide variety of options in design, finish and installation methods.

Above & Beyond Flooring is committed to helping you realize your vision without blowing your budget needs out the window.

Common Woods Used In Flooring

With advances in manufacturing, you can enjoy the timeless beauty of just about any species of hardwood anywhere in your home.

Ash Australian Cypress Bamboo
Birch-yellow Brazilian Cherry Cedar
Cork Hickory Mahogany
Maple Oak-red Pecan
Teak Tigerwood Walnut

Your Choices

Whether you are looking for the traditional or the exotic, your choices go beyond just species. The color and grade of the wood, the cut of the wood and the finish must also be considered to give you the overall look you want.

Manufacturing Methods Installation Methods Wood Cuts
Grade Levels of Hardwood Janka Hardness Rating Design Elements